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[Freedombox-discuss] WebUI

Been a while, huh? It's really late here, I'll just open this thread and 
go to bed.
I was wondering, to what degree do you guys want the Web UI to be new? 
We could start from scratch, but perhaps it'd be better to first use 
existing web Ui's like Webmin or torrent client's own, and then slowly 
replace one by one by our own stuff.
If we do that at first, we'll definitely have a usable box soon. We can 
worry about its looks later. Cause, tbh what we're doing - unifying the 
"experience" (using Job's terms) - isn't unix-like. I doubt we can 
create something better than Webmin at what it does. We can create 
something easier and better looking though. But that would imply that 
for real config you'd ssh into the box. I don't think that was the idea.
Just throwing that out there, ignore any weirdness.
--Luka Mar?zzzzzzzZZZZZ

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