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[Freedombox-discuss] Blackberry phone & FreedomBox

Hello all, 

One of the points that Eben saw as a powerful aliment in the FreedomBox 
makeup was the use of Asterisk. Phone communication that could have some 
level of privacy. 

Below is a snippet from a article at: Aljazeera - 02 Sep 2010 

UN: Blackberry worries legitimate 

"The UN technology chief has said that the Canadian maker of the Blackberry 
should give governments around the world access to its customer data and 
should not ignore their legitimate security concerns." 

Link to this article: 


Eben all so pointed out in his talk. That a major element of the FreedomBox 
was where it lives. At the person's home. Because of this the authorities 
would need to get permission to enter their home. 

So by the look of it. The UN is one of a big supporters of allowing a 
government to access secure phone communication of its citizens. 

Being able to speak to others over a phone with some level of privacy is not 
a human right. This is a Orwellian scenario, where the UN is "Big Brother" 
and its in the process of normalizing this intrusion on peoples privacy. 


      Regards: Peter Colton 

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