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Re: [Pkg-fonts-devel] [debian-devel:18177] Re: MBF: fonts-*-gothic: fonts-japanese-* is not registered as virtual package

Dear all,

On Fr, 27 Jan 2012, Youhei SASAKI wrote:
> First, sorry, I had misunderstood. Current Debian's pTeX does not use
> fontname directly. This uses font aliases like Ryumin/GothicBBB.

Well, none of them actually use *any* fixed name. It depends which
map file is used by dvipdfmx. That is a nice point, you don't need
to care for tfms etc, all is more or less the same size.

> Thus only the CJK support of ghostscript is the matter.

Yes, that is a completely different matter.

Best wishes

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