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Re: [Pkg-fonts-devel] Re: [benlaenen@gmail.com: [DejaVu-fonts] DejaVu Fonts 2.13 released]

> However, this is not a Debian issue (yet), because the Kurdish
> translations in Debian use the Latin script.

And are not activated yet. 

I use this occasion to remind you about the suggested completion of at
least the most important part of Debian Installer "level 1" (the
"sublevel1" file I sent you in private, Erdal.

The time frame is incredibly short but you've got the advantage of the
Debian release being delayed (but don't count on it too much....Debian
Installer can release any time now and so is the whole Debian.

Having this sublevel1 file reach full 100% is the only chance I have
to convince Frans Pop to activate Kurdish.

I know about the difficulties of the Kurdish team and the various
priorities you have but you guys have invested such good work in this
that it would really be a pity if we can't use it in Debian etch.

Really, Ubuntu stuff can wait a little.....:-)....and anyway, Ubuntu
translations *will* benefit from Debian translations.

I know I may sound a little bit rude and insisting but I'm only
motivated by the will of having Kurdish in Debian...really.

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