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[Pkg-fonts-devel] Re: [benlaenen@gmail.com: [DejaVu-fonts] DejaVu Fonts 2.13 released]

(keeping CC now, but Reply set to pkg-fonts-devel)

Quoting Davide Viti (zinosat@tiscali.it):
> regards,
> Davide
> PS: as you can see this release contains a lot of fixes, so I hope it'll make in Etch

Excellent occasion to announce that Peter Cernak has mentioned me that
he wants to stop maintaining ttf-dejavi. I proposed Davide to take the
maintenance over as main maintainer (I'll be his sponsor just like I
was for Peter Cernak, as Davide is not a DD).

I proposed Davide to set the team mailing list as "Maintainer" and
"real" maintainers as "Uploaders". Even if having a non-DD in Uplaoder
does technically make less sense, this is a good way, in
team-maintained packages, to identifiy who's responsible for a given

Of course, I also added Davide to the pkg-fonts project on Alioth..:-)



Packages are in "packages/". One directory per package. Under this
directory, you will find the classical "trunk", "branches", "tags"

Commits go to pkg-fonts-commits@lists.alioth.debian.org

As I explained in private, pkg-fonts-bugs is subscribed to ttf-dejavu
BTS so bug reports will go there for this package also.

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