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Re: [Pkg-fonts-devel] ttf-lang-* virtual packages

Yo over there on d-policy!

Explanation: we're discussing how to better organize fonts in Debian.  One 
idea is to use virtual packages to have fonts specify their supported 
charsets and/or languages in a ttf-lang-* and/or ttf-charset-* virtual 
package name space.  Amongst others, the ability of input methods to 
recommend (or depend?) on proper fonts was mentioned as an advantage of 

On Sunday 19 March 2006 09:06, Christian Perrier wrote:
> We request for the creation of virtual packages named
> ttf-lang-<langname> so that all font packages that are targeted for
> the supprot of a given language can add a "Provides" on the relevant
> virtual package(s).
> The only drawback here is that virtual packages creation is a process
> that is quite precisely defined in
> http://www.debian.org/doc/packaging-manuals/virtual-package-names-list.tx
>t and we would need to request for the creation of *a lot* of virtual
> packages...:-)

Well,  I guess we need input from the policy gods here ;-)

> If these virtual packages are accepted, then our font packages naming
> policy would say:
> Font packages are to be named after the name of the font or font
> family included in the package and should add a "Provides" field
> listing the ttf-lang-* packages they provide support for.

Again, note for the d-policy folks who have not followed this discussion so 
far: this is a very early basis for discussion - exact rules will need to 
be worked out.  (Personal note: I'm not sure if we should do this in the 
ttf-* namespace.  If X is configured properly, ttf-* and t1-* - and maybe 
even xfont-* - should make no difference.  Yes, I proposed the ttf-* 
thingy, but I warned you it was just an idea out of the blue...)

-- vbi

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