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Re: Ethernet with no IP address


You'll need to enable IP forwarding in Debian and use IP tables to do packet inspection and act on whatever rules you write.

I don't see how Debian can be part of the process without the packets landing on a configured interfacce to examine the packets and then forward them based on rules. 

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On 10/07/2013 14:45, Eric Barnes wrote:

Greetings and Salutations;


Is it possible to access an Ethernet port in Debian WITHOUT it being configured? 

I would like a device that has two ports with no IPs and acts as a SWITCH, but with logic to examine and act on packets as they come through.

From the research I've done, this is not possible without developing custom device driver and/or possibly changing part of kernel.

Just looking for some confirmation either way from people that know.  :-)




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