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Re: Tc filter does not filter

Le lundi 07 juin 2010 à 12:54:39, Gerdriaan Mulder a écrit :
> >> I don't know much about tc, so I'm just guessing. Is it your
> >> intention to limit traffic going to SSH servers?
> >
> > Yes. To define this: I want to limit FTP tunneled through ssh (called SFTP).
> That is not called SFTP. SFTP is the file transfer possibility which is
> provided by SSH. If you tunnel FTP over SSH, it is not called SFTP. It
> is just FTP over SSH.
> What you are accomplishing now is simply limiting SSH traffic, not
> specifically FTP or any other traffic that you tunnel over SSH.
> Greetings,
> Gerdriaan Mulder

OpenSSH seems to set the "Minimize delay" ToS bit on interactive SSH packets, but
not on scp / sftp packets. Maybe there's a way to use this. :)

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