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Re: Is connlimit available in etch? Will it be available in future?

On 2008-10-17 Nick Y Kuzminyh wrote:
> Friday, October 17, 2008, 3:02:58 PM, you wrote:
>> connlimit is part of the Linux kernel, i.e. whether you have it or not
>> depends on your kernel version and which options are compiled into it,
>> not on the distribution.
> Yes, surely, and the next question is the following:
> When kernel with CONNLIMIT option compiled into it will be available
> in Debian distribution?

No idea. I'm a proponent of "always compile your own kernel" anyway.

> I found similar questions in Debian support forums since 2005 year.
> Is is a difficult thing for Debian developers team to add support of
> connlimit?

Not AFAICS. But that's a question you should ask to the maintainer of
the respective kernel package.

>>   zgrep CONNLIMIT /proc/config.gz
> This command returned nothing. Obviously, kernel 2.6.18-6-amd64
> doesn't support connlimit.

Then you have to compile your own kernel if you want connlimit.

>> Did you actually load the module?
>>   modprobe libipt-connlimit
> This command returns to me:
> FATAL: Module libipt_connlimit not found.

My bad. This certainly cannot work, see my other mail.

> Is there any way to get "connlimit" support with no trouble of
> compiling my own version of Debian kernel?

No. If the option isn't part of the distribution kernel, you have to
compile your own kernel to enable it.

Ansgar Wiechers
"The Mac OS X kernel should never panic because, when it does, it
seriously inconveniences the user."

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