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Is connlimit available in etch? Will it be available in future?

Dear Professionals,
Can you please explain me:
* is "connlimit" module available in etch?
* is it available by backports?
If no, is it available in upcoming next release (unstable)?

If all answers are "no", please give me a link to step-by-step
instructions how to make this kernel module to work.

PS. I have up-to-date etch with default settings.
iptables is aware about connlimit module,
"libipt_connlimit.so" is present in my system.
When I load my rulset, I see the following:
"iptables: No chain/target/match by that name"

Best regards,
 Nick                          mailto:nick_kuz@deom.chph.ras.ru

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