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Re: Transparent proxy from different networks

Paolo escribió:
> On Mon, Oct 06, 2008 at 11:26:37AM -0500, Jason Voorhees wrote:
>> Users from others networks can ping FW/Proxy, ping Internet, tracert
>> Internet, nslookup hostnames but it seems that REDIRECT rule is breaking
>> something for them.
> so if you remove the REDIRECT rule _all_ of them can browse I'net _directly_,
> while adding it !.1.0/24 get blocked? try adding a LOG rule.

Yes, they can browse without proxy while FORWARD rules allow them. But I
need to control their traffic using proxy.

>> Users report that ther internet explorer keeps waiting until times out
>> without Squid error message.
> but you see .1.0/24 accesses in the logs?

Yes, users from can browser transparently and are
filtered by my squid rules. However I don't know why users from other
networks don't browse transparently.

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