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Re: Transparent proxy from different networks

This is a diagram of my networks:

( --                                     [ FW/Proxy ]
                 |                                         |
( -- --> [ MPLS ] <-- [ Router VPN ] ( )
( --

Router VPN is and isn't masquerading
FW/Proxy is

Users from can browse transparently trough FW/Proxy.
Users from others networks can ping FW/Proxy, ping Internet, tracert
Internet, nslookup hostnames but it seems that REDIRECT rule is breaking
something for them.

Users report that ther internet explorer keeps waiting until times out
without Squid error message.

I'm running Shorewall 3.2.6 and Squid 2.6.5 running on Debian Etch

Paolo escribió:
> On Mon, Oct 06, 2008 at 10:05:28AM -0500, Jason Voorhees wrote:
>> I have a Squid running on listening on 3128 TCP port. Users
> ...
>> But users from differents networks (,,
>> etc.) can't browse the Internet. Those networks are connected to
>> via a VPN connection.
> 1st off, can they even connect to eg if you have (also) an 
> HTTPD there, can they see it? can they ping or any
> Is the VPN daemon running on as well?

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