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Re: Iptables DROP packets but Nmap show the ports opened !!

Robin-Vinet Mathieu wrote:

> Hi,
> Brian and Henk, i think you make the point.
> Even with iptables loading the inactive ruleset, i've got all ports
> opened.
> I don't understand why you are speaking of "inetd" ?
> Cause i've got inetd running on the machine...

Well, check /etc/inetd.conf and make sure that things are not not
accidently serviced by inetd. Otherwise when you flush the rules or
when you haven't got a default DROP policy, certain ports will still be
reported as open.

> Did i miss something somewhere ?

Don't know, better check to be sure. Just do a 'grep -v ^# /etc/inetd.conf'
to see what's enabled.

> Thanks.
> Mathieu.


Henk Roose <Henk.Roose@cwi.nl>
CWI - Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica
Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science
Amsterdam (NL)

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