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Re: Iptables DROP packets but Nmap show the ports opened !!


Yes we have got a sort of firewall (Winproxy) at the office, i think that nmap goes outside through a transparent proxy.
But it's not a very good program, it lacks of functionnalities and reporting, so i will make a scan from my home network this we.
Hope i will have more info on monday !


Le jeudi 06 avril 2006 à 20:01 +0100, Dave Ewart a écrit :
On Thursday, 06.04.2006 at 18:38 +0200, Robin-Vinet Mathieu wrote:

> Ok. In fact, i'm launching Nmap over internet from my office at work
> to our hired server protected by Iptables somewhere in France. 

I'll take another look at your ruleset again shortly, but the above
statement is interesting: is it possible your office has a firewall of
its own, which is filtering (or otherwise disturbing) the outgoing
traffic?  Thus what you are seeing is a symptom of your office firewall,
rather than your iptables-protected server?


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