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Re: Multiple LAN's through one vpn

Am Friday 10 March 2006 09:20 schrieb Sturla Holm Hansen:
> Hi there, I have a problem with the following scenario:
> I have 5 customers in 1 building sharing 1 SHDSL-line, each of them have
> their own router behind the main router to segment the net and now they
> want VPN.
> The problem is that they should not have access to each others LAN, just
> their own, so I have to figure out a way to determine what network they
> should have access to by checking what login they use on the VPN.
> I know that multiple external IP's would solve the problem, but that's
> not an option.
> So could I set up a Linux VPN-server that has different routes for
> different logins?
> Any sollutions would be much appreciated :)
You could use custom updown scripts for openswan, using the id of the tunnel 
peer to dynamically set up routes and/or firewall rules.


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