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Re: Sun Ultra 2 sunhme sunqe IPTables Prob Perhaps

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grimoire@sparky.ox.compsoc.net writes:
>Ch'Gans wrote:
>> Chris Brandstetter wrote:
>>> I am trying to setup a Sun Ultra 2 with the onboard sunhme, and 2 
>>> sunqe cards as a firewall.  THe problem I am having is that if I 
>>> add sunqe to the modules file in /etc so that it loads on boot I 
>>> get a list of about 20 iptables rules all for the sunhme port, and 
>>> after that the system says the sunhme port is not connected to the 
>>> ethernet cable.  However if I just insmod the module after bootup 
>>> everything works fine.  I was wondering if anyone had any ideas 
>>> what could be causeing this?
>> This sounds like a problem with the netwok card numbering, i guess 
>> that putting sunqe in /etc/mod..., then your sunqe are probed before 
>> your sunhme card, and so you don't get the interface/card association
>>  as expected.
>> Perhaps another solution is to not put sunqe in /etc/modules.conf, 
>> and then load and configure these 2 network cards in /etc/rc.d/local 
>> or something similar.
>I'm not familiar with Sun kit, but the ifrename package allows you to
>assign fixed names to interfaces based on MAC addresses, which may be a
>more elegant solution to your problem.

Which doesn't work on older sun hardware that doesn't have separate
MAC addresses for each interface.  (Sun follows the ethernet standard
that specifies that you should have one MAC address per system.  Still
the default, but an openboot paramater lets you turn on separate MAC
address per interface on newer cards.)

Just list sunhme in /etc/modules before sunqe.  
Blars Blarson			blarson@blars.org
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