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Re: Sun Ultra 2 sunhme sunqe IPTables Prob Perhaps

Ch'Gans wrote:

> Chris Brandstetter wrote:
>> I am trying to setup a Sun Ultra 2 with the onboard sunhme, and 2 
>> sunqe cards as a firewall.  THe problem I am having is that if I 
>> add sunqe to the modules file in /etc so that it loads on boot I 
>> get a list of about 20 iptables rules all for the sunhme port, and 
>> after that the system says the sunhme port is not connected to the 
>> ethernet cable.  However if I just insmod the module after bootup 
>> everything works fine.  I was wondering if anyone had any ideas 
>> what could be causeing this?

> This sounds like a problem with the netwok card numbering, i guess 
> that putting sunqe in /etc/mod..., then your sunqe are probed before 
> your sunhme card, and so you don't get the interface/card association
>  as expected.


> Perhaps another solution is to not put sunqe in /etc/modules.conf, 
> and then load and configure these 2 network cards in /etc/rc.d/local 
> or something similar.

I'm not familiar with Sun kit, but the ifrename package allows you to
assign fixed names to interfaces based on MAC addresses, which may be a
more elegant solution to your problem.


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