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Re: Simple IP-Forwarding problem


* Marc Mueller <spam@gmx.de> [2005-07-13 15:20:33 +0200]:

>I have no administrative access rights on the three servers outside to 
>change any network settings.  :-(
>I can only modify the firewall-rules on the server in the middle.

I too have the same thing. Through my office sshing to any server outside the
local network is not permited. Unfortunately I do not control the main firewall and
even I do not have control over the server on DMZ. So the best way without
compromising the security of any system is to use ssh tunnel (if the server
X in your case allows tunnels to be created, which it should). I use the
following commands:
$ ssh -NfqL22:my.server.net:22 my_user_id@server.dmz.net
$ ssh me@localhost

>SSH tunnel would be possible, of course - but it would be an
>additional step for the users each time they want to connect to
>the servers outside - and i have to allow ssh-access on the server
>in the middle, what I'd like to avoid.

Beleive me that it is the simplest way to do what you want without
compromising any security. my.server.net will see all the connections from
your machine as if they originate from server.dmz.net. As far as additional
user-ids is concerned you can create one generic logon for this and even if
seperate user-ids then it is worth it, unless some one has already comeup
with the iptables rules working for you.
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