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Re: Simple IP-Forwarding problem

Hi Leonardo,

I have no administrative access rights on the three servers outside to change any network settings. :-(
I can only modify the firewall-rules on the server in the middle.

SSH tunnel would be possible, of course - but it would be an
additional step for the users each time they want to connect to
the servers outside - and i have to allow ssh-access on the server
in the middle, what I'd like to avoid.

Thanks a lot

Leonardo Boselli schrieb:
Il 13 Jul 2005 alle 14:41 Marc Mueller immise in rete

The Problem is that i dont know how i can do SNAT and DNAT at the same
time and I can't use static Entries for the back-path, becourse the
IP-address of the client is dynamic.

Just keep active nat from the three server to outside, or this is a security concern ?
or use a ssh tunnell .....
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