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Re: Stuck in a hell of routing :(

also sprach Elton Algera <elton@pop4.nl> [2005.03.29.1818 +0200]:
> I still don't get it. How can modems connected to the internet supply
> different rights to users?
> In other words, please tell us the functional problem...

I know that it's sometimes a good idea to make sure that the person
is actually looking for the right answer, but I have been noticing
a tendency here (and elsewhere) to always ask first about the

To me, his motivations are clear. The six different lines are
probably with different taxes, bandwidths, and/or volume
restrictions, so URL-based arbitration is useful. AFAIK this is done
by a number of companies.

Let's just get down to answering questions and asking about
motivations when we're deadlocked and/or the question is
inconsistent, okay?

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