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Re: My own Firewall ??

On 10 Mar 2005, Jean-Michel Hiver wrote:
>> These will make your experience *much* nicer. Then, use aptitude rather
>> than apt-get to install and manage software.
> Actually I disagree. I find aptitude quite horrible and
> counter-intuitive.

Well, to each their own, I guess. :)

Can I ask, what is it that you don't like about it?  I like to
understand why people don't use these tools so I can better recommend
them to my clients according to (my expectations of) their tastes...


>> Oh, and I recommend using 'firehol', which is in /testing and /unstable,
>> and is a wrapper around iptables.  It takes a lot of the hard work out
>> of building a firewall, without stopping you doing anything that
>> iptables can do.
> Hey, we agree on that one :)

*nod*  I have been pleased to see that my opinion of it is spreading
through the community around here.  I am yet to find anything better.


Moloch whose mind is pure machinery! Moloch whose blood is running
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        -- Allen Ginsberg, _Howl_

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