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Re: My own Firewall ??

>These will make your experience *much* nicer.  Then, use aptitude rather
>than apt-get to install and manage software.
Actually I disagree. I find aptitude quite horrible and counter-intuitive.

Instead of using this I use apt, dpkg and deborphan:

apt-cache search <stuff> - to search for packages
apt-get install <package> - to install packages
apt-get remove <package> - to remove package and depending packages
apt-get --purge remove <package> - same but purges config files
dpkg --list - list all installed packages on the system (useful with
grep and less)
deborphan - find unused libraries

>Oh, and I recommend using 'firehol', which is in /testing and /unstable,
>and is a wrapper around iptables.  It takes a lot of the hard work out
>of building a firewall, without stopping you doing anything that
>iptables can do.
Hey, we agree on that one :)

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