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Re: Remote Access of a Private IP

On Thu, Oct 07, 2004 at 12:13:32PM -0400, Michael Whately wrote:
> I have a client with a need to access a machine on a private network.
> The situation is the Wireless ISP has assigned a Private IP to all 
> of the wireless users in the 10.xxx.xxx.xxx range. The private IP 
> is connected to an ISP with public IP in the 66.xxx.xxx.xxx range. 
> I can not seem to get across to the ISP that we need a Public IP 
> address in order to remotely connect to the machine. They provide 
> the DNAT address, but I still can not connect, (did not expect to).

Sounds a lot like T-Mobile (US). I know with T-Mobile, even if you
get a public IP address, you're still going through a firewall and no
inbound connections are permitted (maybe FTP and other well-known
protocols from outgoing protocol snooping).  Perhaps it's the same
for your provider?


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