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Re: Remote Access of a Private IP

--- Michael Whately <mwhately@csi-inc.ws> wrote:

> I have a client with a need to access a machine on a private network.
> The situation is the Wireless ISP has assigned a Private IP to all 
Any help from the ISP? 
One solution is thay could route you a REAL IP.

> of the wireless users in the 10.xxx.xxx.xxx range. The private IP 
> is connected to an ISP with public IP in the 66.xxx.xxx.xxx range. 
Did the ISP assing you an IP for your client, while still keeping it's
privet IP?
This is posible, your private IP lookes just like your public IP to the
rest of the internet.

The one catch is p2p and pasive FTP.  These applications that expect the
remote end to connect to you need to know your real IP, this will need to
be configures in the app itself.

> I can not seem to get across to the ISP that we need a Public IP 
> address in order to remotely connect to the machine. They provide 
> the DNAT address, but I still can not connect, (did not expect to).
This may be acceptible, thay probly are only forwarding your client some
server ports, like 80,21,22,25, ect.

You should ask/tell them whop ports/protocols you wish to use, and also
make sure you have a statik private IP and let them know what it is.

> Any suggestions?
> Mike
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