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Re: man-in-the-middle

Is it just me or is this post rather ridiculous? It is
hard to even answer questions when you don't know what
the client is even trying to do. It doesn't even make
sense on why someone would even want that
configuration, or what the value of such a
configuration would be. If this is a consulting job
the customer should tell you want they are trying to
do in the end, because you might have a better idea of
how to accomplish the task. 

I am sorry if this sounds like complaining but this is
the information we have: 2 Windows boxes, 1 linux box,
and 4 public IPs. Forgive me if I missed something, I
was skimming the posts. I think as a consultant you
should ask them a lot more questions. Like one of the
previous posters had mentioned, they probably don't
know anything about networking and are trying to do
something very simple that could be accomplished by a
better configuration.

When you find out what they were trying to do please
post back. I am very interested to find out what they
were trying to accomplish.  

-SySmin Sys73m47ic
Development Team {Fu-King Linux}

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