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Re: man-in-the-middle

On Thu, 7 Oct 2004 09:20 pm, Hans du Plooy wrote:
> On Thursday 07 October 2004 23:03, Lord-Storm wrote:
> > I belive you want it to act as a router?
> Yes, basically.  The routing isn't so much the problem, but making the box
> in the middle look like the "other" box to either windows boxes is what I'm
> stuck at.   My iptables and routing skills aren't very good though.
> > or use squid?
> It's not for web traffic.  It's software running on the two windows macines
> that has to communicate through each other but not directly.  (the what
> exactly and why I don't know unfortunately)
> Can squid forward any type of connection on any port transparently?
> Thanks
> --
> Kind regards
> Hans du Plooy
> Newington Consulting Services
> hansdp at newingtoncs dot co dot za
Well acording to SYBEX security complete you can make squid the middleman for 
a ssl nfs.

A good set of forums would be www.neworder.box.sk follow links.
Note: this site is full of script kiddys and that so stand out.
Include the same name man in the middle since that is the discription best 
used. eg man in the middle attack/exploits.. though this subject is more to 
do with encryption. I myself have only just started to learn iptables.

I hope this information helps you and please post back into the list so your 
question/answer is archived.

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