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Re: man-in-the-middle

> A (win)  -----------------------  B (lin) ------------------------  C (win)
> B has two interfaces, and I have no access to  A or C - can't change anything
> on them.  Let's say the IPs are:
> A =
> B = and
> C =

If A and C belong to different subnets ( and they
need a router among them (they can't see each other). If A and C can
see each other directly, means that they belong to the same subnet. If
this is the case, in order to force both stations to communicate
through a third element (B), I'd use some kind of arpspoofing.

Let A be, B (only one if) and C
With B arpspoofing:

1-when A tries to send a packet to C, sends an ARP Request: What is
the hw address of
2-B responds with ARP Response: The hw address you requested is
xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx (B's mac address)
3-Packets from A to C arrive at B, whrere they can be treated and
finally relayed to C


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