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Re: pppoeconf problems


I also run a Debian Woody3.0r2, with an ADSL modem using pppoe, but it
works fine (I loose my connection every 24 hours due to my ISP).
pppd reconnect me automatically (I don't remember how to configure that,
sorry). I don't know why it looses connection so often, but probably not
because of pppd or pppoe, check your phone line and your modem.
To see how to disable resolv.conf updates, check the scripts 0dns-up and
000usepeerdns in /etc/ppp/ip-ud.d.
pppd executes all scripts in /etc/ip-up.d, check the script /etc/ip-up
to see the environment var you can use (PPP_IFACE PPP_TTY PPP_SPEED
PPP_LOCAL PPP_REMOTE PPP_IPPARAM), you can add a script there to send a
mail via sendmail.


On Mon, 2004-07-26 at 15:13, Hector Scaramelli wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a firewall box running Woddy 3.0r2 that gets its IP address
> dynamically from an adsl modem.
> Two or three times a day it looses the connection to the internet, an
> ifconfig command won't show ppp0, so issuing "pon dsl-provider" usually
> makes it work.
> I have tried the same installation in three different pcs in different
> places to no avail.
> What should I touch here so it won't loose connection ?
> and what should I modify to disable resolv.conf being updated by the
> isp?
> and where should I insert a line instucting the firewall to send an
> email informing of the new ip address.
> Or please where to find a tutorial.
> Tkanks
> Hector

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