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Re: how to get firehol messages off my screen

On 30 May 2004, James Sinnamon wrote:
> When I connect my debian gateway to the internet my terminal screens 
> become unusable, because they all are flooded with messages of 
> (presumably) rejected packets.


> Where do I change the settings so that they can be redirected to
> a log file?

Three methods:

1. up the console log level with 'dmesg -n<whatever>', putting the
   firehol packet logs below the level printed on the console.

2. use the 'ulog' target in firehol, and the ulogd process to log
   without going through the kernel message subsystem.

3. use commands like 'server all drop' at the end of an interface,
   preventing firehol from logging that traffic.

I use 3, targeting things that I don't care about, on most of my

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