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Re: looking for suggestions

Maybe, thought if you install (dnsmasq,resolvconf,ntp) you are set.

dnsmasq has a build in dhcp server, just edit the config file to turn it
on.  ntp sets the time for the clock, oviously not needed.  If you
want/need a gui ther is x11 (xserver-xfree86,menu,gnome-core) or webbased
(webmin,<whatever mods you want>).

--- Edward Chase <echase@postoffice.providence.edu> wrote:
> Thanks to those who've already helped me getting dual NICs working in my
> newly setup woody box.
> I want to setup this box to sit between our colleges internal network
> and a
> switch that our tech guys use in their "chop shop".  There have been
> several
> instances where they have plugged in a virused computer into our
> network.
> What I'm looking to avoid is having any unnecessary traffic pass thru
> the
> box.  Pretty much I'd like to block all traffic heading into the switch.
>  I
> don't want virused machines infecting potentially unpatched machines in
> the
> tech room.  It really stinks when you reset up a machine and it's
> virused
> even before you get the patches on it to protect it.  The tech guys do
> need
> some internet connectivity do download patches and the sort.
> I was thinking iptables (that's the one for kernel 2.4, yes?) and
> ipmasq.  I
> was going to have the machine be a caching DNS server and dhcpd server
> as
> well for the machines on the tech bench.
> One person suggested ipcop.
> Am I just reinventing the wheel here when I could just DL the ipcop iso
> and
> be done with everything I'm looking for?
> All feedback is appreciated.
> -- 
> Edward Chase
> Providence College
> Information Technology 
> Protect your PC
> http://www.microsoft.com/security/protect/

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