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Re: ports seem to be blocked

netcat, the command is "nc" can connect to udp services.  Thought "tcpdump
port 18140" will let you watch other systems send data to your proram.  I
think monitoring with tcpdump will be more usefull too you.

--- Ian L <debian@merk.caltech.edu> wrote:
> I have an application which is supposed to be listening on port 18140. 
> However, when i try doing telnet localhost 18140 it says connection 
> refused. I've tried running iptables clear, but that doesnt help.
> This machine is on an internal network so i really dont care about
> having a 
> firewall running on the machine. Is there any other firewall that might
> be 
> installed with debian? Or any other reason why this port seems to be 
> blocked? There are other ports which do work, such as port 22 for ssh.
> thanks
> Ian
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