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looking for suggestions

Thanks to those who've already helped me getting dual NICs working in my
newly setup woody box.

I want to setup this box to sit between our colleges internal network and a
switch that our tech guys use in their "chop shop".  There have been several
instances where they have plugged in a virused computer into our network.
What I'm looking to avoid is having any unnecessary traffic pass thru the
box.  Pretty much I'd like to block all traffic heading into the switch.  I
don't want virused machines infecting potentially unpatched machines in the
tech room.  It really stinks when you reset up a machine and it's virused
even before you get the patches on it to protect it.  The tech guys do need
some internet connectivity do download patches and the sort.

I was thinking iptables (that's the one for kernel 2.4, yes?) and ipmasq.  I
was going to have the machine be a caching DNS server and dhcpd server as
well for the machines on the tech bench.

One person suggested ipcop.

Am I just reinventing the wheel here when I could just DL the ipcop iso and
be done with everything I'm looking for?

All feedback is appreciated.

Edward Chase
Providence College
Information Technology 

Protect your PC

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