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Re: firewall setup - firewall newbie

> I'm going to set this box up as a caching DNS server for the machines inside
> of it.  After that do I work NAT (ipmasq?) or FW (ipchains?) ?

You may not need either, if it is just an internal, caching DNS. The
DNS application config will take care of forwarding DNS queries
appropriately. Does it need to be accessible by hosts on the Internet?
Is it even forwarding traffic at all? If it is forwarding traffic,
does it need to do any NAT?

If you do need a firewall, I would use iptables...although this
presumes you are on at least kernel 2.4. If you are on 2.2, you are
stuck with ipchains. Iptables is worth the upgrade ;-)

If you don't have experience with iptables, see
http://iptables-tutorial.frozentux.net/. I also have some stuff up on
iptables and fwbuilder at my site, http://www.turinglabs.com.


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