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DNS-Problem with ADSL-Router


After installing the Debian-Base, mc, less, snort and ulogd from 
the localnet all was working fine. 

But now my /var/log/mail.(err,info,log,warn) is filling up. 

Exactly, it tels me, that sSMTP "can not locate smtp.wanadoo.fr"

Or better, I have no outgouing connections in any way. 

OK, because my iptables Problem, I have tried to clear all !!!
Set the policy to ACCEPT... 

But nothing is working.

Normaly I am using the DNS and, but now with 
the ADSL I have on the ADSL-Router in the /etc/resolv.conf

How can I stop this crap ?

In /etc/ppp/peers/wanadoo.fr I have deletd the entry "usepeerdns" 
but it does not help.

Any hints ?


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