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Re: ADSL Router.

Why not let the 486 firewall box do the routing too, or is it your goal to learn about commercial routers? You can run your own subnet behind the firewall and use iptables/masquerading to provide connectivity to the internet for hosts on your private subnet.

Katipo wrote:

Hello everybody.

I thought that I would place this question here as I will shortly be
building a standalone firewall, on an old 486, and so I specifically
don't want a firewall/router combo.
I was wondering what linux compatible routers list members were using,
and how they found them to be, performance wise.

I don't mind paying for commercial grade stuff, as this is what the
whole exercise is about. I'm teaching myself networking at home, with a
view to applying it in the commercial environment later.

I'm going to be having two PCs, a 486 mail server, a 486 firewall, and
further down the track a dual processor server.

Sorry to be so long winded.
Thanks for any information.


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