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Re: short iptables script to use with Debian

/etc/default/iptbales reads

# Now for a short question and answer session:
# Q: You concocted this init.d setup, but you do not like it?
# A: I was pretty much hounded into providing it. I do not like it.
#    Don't use it. Use /etc/network/interfaces, use /etc/network/*.d/
#    scripts use /etc/ppp/ip-*.d/ script. Create your own custom
#    init.d script -- no need to even name it iptables.  Use ferm,
#    ipmasq, ipmenu, guarddog, firestarter, or one of the many other
#    firewall configuration tools available. Do not use the init.d
#    script.

I'm not offering an opinion myself (not enough experience) just found it when 
I was trying to setup iptables on Debian.


On Wednesday 17 December 2003 10:22, R.M. Evers wrote:
> hi alexander,
> what i always do whenever i install a new server, is pay a vist to
> http://morizot.net/firewall/gen/. there, i generate a firewall script,
> which i modify for my personal needs aftwerwards. the script has some
> standard protection against common attacks. when satisfied, i run the
> script, then do a "/etc/init.d/iptables save active", et voila ;-)
> regards,
> -rodi.
> On Wed, 2003-12-17 at 10:19, Alexander Fitterling wrote:
> > Everyone,
> >
> > finally I resigned to get fwbuilder to work. (Probably, I must upgrade
> > every system libraries, which I haven't done, yet. My Upgrade still is
> > in progress, so the system state at all is somewhere in between stable
> > and testing)
> >
> > I wonder if I could use a simple iptables script instead, I was
> > thinking about to protect interfaces such as ppp0, eth0 just blocking
> > dangerous ports, so. Could anyone give me an example on how to do
> > that?  I know I have a kernel with necessary modules and filter
> > capabilities.
> >
> > I appreciate! :-)
> > A.Fitterling
> >
> >
> > --

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