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RE: ABC Firewall

If you want a simple firewall configuration try ipmasq, but if you want a
complete and customizable firewall script try fwbuilder.
You have Debian preconfigured package for both of them ( apt-get install
ipmasq, or apt-get install fwbuilder && apt-get install
fwbuilder-iptables ).
I hope that I help,

Matias Lambert
OSInet Telecomunicaciones
Capital Federal - Buenos Aires
Argentina - CA1185ACA
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> -----Mensaje original-----
> De: Davide [mailto:dado.debian@email.it]
> Enviado el: Martes, 09 de Diciembre de 2003 07:31 p.m.
> Para: Mailing List Debian FIREWALL
> Asunto: ABC Firewall
> I started my debian experience few weeks ago and I think that configure a
> Firewall it's a really important step. (right?) :-)
> Well. I've a permanently connection in optical fiber with Fastweb
> (in Milan)
> (IP not static), I need to use Internet, mail and I need to
> permit to share
> files using winmx or similar application.
> My question is:
> How I have to configure my firewall (IPTables) ?
> How I could find some config. example (on-line) about IPTables?
> Excuse for my basically question and be understanding with my English ...
> Bye Davide
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