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Re: Spam (2)

<quote who="danilo lujambio">
> El vie, 10-10-2003 a las 07:21, Frederik Rousseau escribió:
> Hi,
> Some questions about spam :
> I am using the file access of the sendmail to control the spam , but it
> seems not the best solution. (I don't want to change my MTA)
> What dou you use to look for the origin adress of the spam ?
> Sinceresly I am lookin for it reading my logs and is very tedious task.
> Thanks !
> dl

Well, I am using postfix (not telling you to change) but I have set up
some options to check the host that is connecting (make a dns resolution
of the name that is trying to connect) for example if it says it is
mail.acme.com and that does not resolv in dns it rejects.. also I have it
to check the domain, if acme.com in the From header does not exist postfix
also rejects... more stuff I have also placed a limit for 100K per mail
since rarely I receive anything bigger than that (so I dont receive this
viruses neither the notifications, though I understand this can be too
drastic for some people), with all this checks I reduced 1000 mails per 12
hours to 0 or 3 per day.
Good luck


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