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Re: two networks sharing one router

Good Morning!

On Thu, 9 Oct 2003 17:45:44 +0100 Ken Gilmour <ken@playersonly.com>
> I think those DSL routers usually have four ethernet ports on them...

No, only two - logically that is. They have one (outside) port for DSL
connection. And one (unseen) for inside interface. And a 5port

The 4 RJ45 sockets you see labeled "LAN"  are the 4 remaining ports of
the 5port hub/switch. The fifth is connected inside the router enclosure
to the inside (in both meanings) port of the router chip. 

> Could you configure two of the ports with different Netmasks and use
> the DSL router as the gateway instead of adding additional hardware?

Again: these are just hub/switch outlets connected to one single
"internal side" port. Unless we are talking about professional WAN
routers (Cisco, Lucent, ...) of course...


Volker Tanger

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