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Help with 2 level network

I have just managed to get my iptables routing to work, but I am
struggling with the second level. 

Here is my setup. My work computer has a public IP 137.158.X.X. When  I
connect via the modem from home. My home modem is assigned IP address and the work computer model is

Now at home I have several computers that are connected on the ethernet
network. The computers are using the address naming. The
computer with the modem ( has an ethernet card with address The other computer has ethernet

The can ping and connect (ssh) to but it cannot go
out to the internet. The other machine can access the net
since I have nat/iptables set for the work computer. I have attempted to
do the same for the internal network with out success.

Any suggestions?

Daniel J. Mashao				daniel@eng.uct.ac.za
Electrical Engineering			     	http://www.star.za.net
University of Cape Town				(w) 021-650-2816
Rondebosch, 7701, South Africa			(c) 082-928-3692

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