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Re: simple iptables rules

hey, thanks for your response.

> 1st: Would you mind *not* Full-Quoting-Top-Posting?


> 2nd: Please set your line length to 70 characters per line.

78 is standard with kmail :)

> Can you give us an ASCII-Art of your topology with IP-Addresses?
> This would help a lot supporting you!

adsl router (internal ip
	-> me (
	-> flatmate (192.168.1.dhcp)
	-> second flatmate (192.168.1.dhcp)

it's that simple :)

So, all I want to do is block everything to my pc except for traffic from 
192.168.1.* - while letting my box do normal desktop stuff, web, irc, icq, 
email etc.

does this help?

kind regards,


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