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Re: simple iptables rules

Re> adsl router (internal ip
Re> 	-> me (
Re> 	-> flatmate (192.168.1.dhcp)
Re> 	-> second flatmate (192.168.1.dhcp)

I guess your ADSL router is on the same network as your first nic as your 
second nic. This is bad.
Use for example for nic 1 and for nic 2.
Give your ADSL modem an IP from and your flatmates an IP from

When this is done, check `sysctl -a|grep forward` and look if your network 
forwarding is set to '1'. If not, change 'ip_forward=no' to 'ip_forward=yes' 
in /etc/network/options.

Then you place some FORWARDing rules in the iptables and maybe you need to 
MASQUERADE the traffic of your flatmates, if the ADSL router doesn't do 
it ...

Re> does this help?

Yes, but more is better :)

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