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Re: Firewall SPAM killer

Matthew Kopishke said on Thu, Sep 11, 2003 at 03:11:42PM -0400:
> Where I work we run a FirstClass server for our email/conferencing 
> system.  Our biggest problems as of late is that people are getting 
> more and more spam but the folks that produce FirstClass have done very 
> little (nothing is more like it) to add any sort of filtering to their 
> software.  This is becoming a sensitive issue for us as we are a K-12 
> school system, and it only takes one bad email to little johnny to 
> cause quite a stir!  Right now the FC server sits behind a linux 
> firewall (bridging, iptables, nice and transparent), so I was wondering 
> what my options were.  I know I looked into using a kind of forwarding 
> setup a while back, that is the mail get delivered to a host filtered, 
> then forwarded on, but I was curious if there was any sort of "proxy" 
> style spam filtering software out there?  Something like how I have 
> dansguardian/squid set up right now, it takes all the traffic from port 
> 80 and redirects it to be filtered (transparent proxying).  So I was 
> thinking some thing like that only in reverse (ie it's a connection 
> from out side the I would be redirecting).
> How off the wall am here?

A better solution, I think, would be to setup an SMTP relay with a spam filter
(I like amavisd + spamassassin, but YMMV), and then point the MX records for
your domain to that relay.  Then have that relay xmit mail directly to your
internal server (and route the spam mail appropriately; perhaps to a "review"
address that you can check to make sure that your filter is actually working).


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