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Re: forwarded ports was: my iptables script

On Mon, 8 Sep 2003 06:58 pm, uberthold wrote:
> Tarragon Allen wrote:
> >netstat not showing it makes sense, as it isn't really bound to any
> > particular application on the machine itself. I suppose that netstat
> > could be modified to take into account netfilter sockets ...
> >
> >nmap should show the ports though, as it's emulating various parts of a
> > normal connection. In this particular case, nmap couldn't find the open
> > ports because of a problem with the firewall script (meaning that the
> > ports actually weren't open).
> allright. my filtered ports are above 1024. i had to specify that to nmap.
> but that makes me think ... is there some tool to monitor/show forwarded
> connections with iptables?
> at least something like netstat -M for iptables?
> thanks,
> ub

An 'apt-cache search netfilter' returned a couple of promising results, in 
particular 'iptstate' and 'netstat-nat'. I haven't used either of them myself 

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