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Re: system requirements

Am Sun, Aug 17, 2003 at 10:20:13PM +0200, Michel Verdier sagte:
> >> I would be looking close at 500+MHz for the CPU, to be honest.
> >
> > It seems very huge to me! I heard many running some 486 or pentium as
> > thier firewall...
> Here a 486DX 33MHz and RAM 8Mo :)
> iptables (NAT) + snort + fwlogwatch
> More than 10 hours to compile a kernel
> but no more than 25% cpu for a 512Kbps

here it's a 486 80MHz overdrive (yeah:) with 32mb RAM
doing iptables(nat) + bind9 + dhcpd
serving a 512/128 cable connection to 10 pc's
load average: 0.07, 0.03, 0.01 

I would be realy carefull with services like snort and co.
they can bring these babies to there knees quite easy.
but everything in kernel-space (as iptables) runs real smooth.

but now back to topic

I don't have any experience with gigabit ethernet but would
expect the same kernel- vs. user-space differences - just on
an higher scale. On a *real* high scale to be precise - so
expect surprises.
horror stories anyone ?

As somebody else mentioned the system bus will be limiting
so you can't put a gigabit ethernet in *all* the pci-slots of a
motherboard and expect it to run at full speed.
What would be the maximum of gigabit cards you can add to a 
regular scale motherboard? (recent technologie and good quality)

Could somebody explain if a 32bit PCI-bus is generally fast
enough for a gigabit-card.  Do you realy need 64bit.

On my level of using networking I have a usb-ethernet adapter
claiming to be 10/100mbit. Because of the version 1.1 usb-bus it 
will never be faster then 11-12mbit.

Any similarities with 32bit-PCI and gigabit-ethernet here ?

sorry for bringing up new questions - but these look like the stuff
the OP wanted to know.


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