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Re: system requirements

On Tue, 12 Aug 2003, Mathias Kölsch wrote:
> What are the system requirements for a debian-based router/firewall
> for gigabit ethernet adapters?

A machine with at least a 64-bit, 66MHz PCI bus (or two) to connect your
pair of NICs to. 

> Details: I need to put a subnet of about 20 machines, all gigabit
> ethernet, including a gigabit switch, behind a fast but flexible
> firewall. Debian seems to be a good choice for many reasons, however,
> I have no experience on the demands of a high-throughput firewall on
> CPU, buses, and the entire system. Can somebody confirm or crush my
> suspicion that basically any reasonably fast (100+MHz) CPU with little
> (128MB) memory is capable of handling the traffic organization between
> two gigabit interfaces? 

I would be looking close at 500+MHz for the CPU, to be honest.

> And more generally, what pitfalls are there to be avoided when
> choosing hardware for this purpose? 

The system bus is the most likely place to cause problems.


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