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Re: setting up two NICs

On Fri, Aug 08, 2003 at 05:43:46PM -0500, Rick Perry wrote:
> I have a cable modem connected to eth0 using DCHP and eth1 is
> connected to my internal network. Both NICS work and ive tested them
> both using DHCP and the modem. The trouble is when i bring up both of
> them (one configured for dhcp and one for When they are
> both up the network stops working. I am unable to resolve any host
> names or make any connections.
> my /etc/network/interfaces looks like this
> auto lo
> iface lo inet loopback
> auto eth0
> iface eth0 inet dhcp
> auto eth1
> iface eth1 inet dhcp
Missed this on the first go round, but the above should be "static" if
you are defining the ip as you are.

Jamin W. Collins

Remember, root always has a loaded gun.  Don't run around with it unless
you absolutely need it. -- Vineet Kumar

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