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Re: setting up two NICs

Hey thanks!

Everything seems to be working fine now and i am on my way to setting up
shorewall. I feel like a goof for not knowing to leave out the gateway. I
did have static in there rather than dhcp, it was an email typo. But thanks
for the sharp eye. Just to clarify, in this situation i only need to use the
gateway that is given via dhcp and when i tried to assign one to eth1 it was
confusing things?


on 8/8/03 6:09 PM, Jamin W. Collins at jcollins@asgardsrealm.net wrote:

> On Fri, Aug 08, 2003 at 05:43:46PM -0500, Rick Perry wrote:
>> I have a cable modem connected to eth0 using DCHP and eth1 is
>> connected to my internal network. Both NICS work and ive tested them
>> both using DHCP and the modem. The trouble is when i bring up both of
>> them (one configured for dhcp and one for When they are
>> both up the network stops working. I am unable to resolve any host
>> names or make any connections.
>> my /etc/network/interfaces looks like this
>> auto lo
>> iface lo inet loopback
>> auto eth0 debian-firewall@lists.debian.org>
>> iface eth0 inet dhcp
>> auto eth1
>> iface eth1 inet dhcp
> ^^^^
> Missed this on the first go round, but the above should be "static" if
> you are defining the ip as you are.

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