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Re: 2 Internet Links x 1 LAN

>For that you want to look into BGP.

I've googled for BGP and read the FAQs, but it seems to be deeper than I
expected. I was wondering if there was a solution involving, I don't know,
wondershaper-like software or maybe even the new 2.6 kernel with those layer-7
filtering capabilities.
One thing that might be possible would be to specify primary and secondary
routes, and to block the services on the primary routes. Consider this:
Default Gateway: Link B
Secondary gateway: Link A

Port 25 blocked on link B, through IPTables, but opened at Link A.
Would the request try to go through link A, or would it stop because It has
reached Link B and was denied? I don't have the equipment setup here, so I can't
test it out now..

I just would like to say that this is much more of a curiosity than a necessity.
My network is working fine today, but I have two firewalls, one for each link,
and I assign the default gateways for the machines according to the need of each
machine, instead of service. I thought it could be an interesting solution to be
able to do that in the way I described, but bringing BGP into the equation
seemed intimidating for what I've read, unless there are easy tools for
implementing that under Linux.


Breno Moiana
"Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life."

"Ciência é conhecimento organizado. Sabedoria é vida organizada."
    -- Immanuel Kant

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