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Re: Trouble with port-forwarding

On Tue, 8 Jul 2003 04:31 am, Clément Stenac wrote:
> But I would also like to be able to benefit from the redirect, being on my
> local linux box.

I'm not sure what is meant by this? Do you mean your linux box is the router 
performing the redirects? Or is your linux box another client on the internal 
network trying to connect to those ports?

> I tried to add the same rule to the OUTPUT chain (as it is explained in
> the netfilter howto), but:
> if I try -A OUTPUT, iptables answers Invalid argument
> if I try -I OUTPUT, ................ Target problem

Are you using "-t nat" with those rules? I think you need to use the OUTPUT 
chain in the "nat" table, not the standard "filter" table. If that's what 
you're using, when please post the full command you are using, and maybe a 
rough map of your network layout.

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